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 Over 500 satisfied clients...
Openly promoted by clients for responsible for sales funnel that generates consistent and predictable ROI.
 Trusted By Industry Elites
Proudly teaming up with, working along side, and providing technical support for a small handful of the highest-calibre personalities modern marketing has seen.
 Multi-Million Dollar Results
Boasting some of the largest 'Return On Ad Spend' (ROAS) campaigns in the industry, driving phenomenal return on investment and growth for our partners is our passion.
Hey, I'm Joseph Goh
I help businesses rapidly scale revenue by getting more clients / customers using tailor-built funnels paired with wildly profitable Facebook & Google Advertising campaigns.
Including high-growth companies, thought-leaders, influencers, professional service providers and ecommerce companies drive incredible success through private client work.
Labeled as among the best funnel builders in the world, my proprietary processes combine high performance design with next-level conversion principles to amplify my results.
Marketers Lie, Numbers Don't
Generated $252,709.77 In 6 Months With FB Ads & Funnels 
We took an education company from $0 to over $250k, generating a staggering 721% return on ad spend over the month.
$24,100 Spend Into Over $250k  Revenue In Life Time Value.
Local beauty salon spends $24K on Google and Facebook Ads with sales funnels, turning into $250k, a 10X return.
Increased CR And Cut CPA On A $20K / Month Campaign
Optimised conversion rate from 2% to 7% on a $20K /month spend supplement campaign, skyrocketing ROAS.
Clients Success
"20k Extra This Month!!!"
William Ang
Founder - Damn Worth It
Ange Dove
Vanessa Lum
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Things You Should Probably Know
The Good: Hyper Fame's business model is very much one of low quantity, high quality. We do this to bring our absolute a-game to the table with each of our amazing private clients. 
Joseph has proudly built a small number of 6 & 7 figure businesses off the backbone of reputation and doing good work with good people.

The Important: And due to this - transparency, integrity and honesty are non negotiables (from both parties). We take pride in delivering outstanding client service - with extra effort put on quick and efficient communication backed by thorough weekly reporting.
The Crucial: Due to the sheer amount of effort and focus that goes into each project, those 'capacity' footnotes above in the 3 tiers of service are indeed gospel. No scarcity needed. Plus, our 'triage' process is incredibly strict to ensure we're meeting and working with only the best fit for our processes.

The Brutally Honest: Does every project go exactly to plan? Does every campaign deliver mind-bending ROAS? Absolutely not. Anything around marketing (or even business) brings inherent risk. Our commitment to you is that we will always go above and beyond to ensure your experience is nothing short of amazing.
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